Dyslexia – the Gift

The world of dyslexia


Ronald D. Davis, a dyslexic, found a way to read and write normally at age 38. His methods and theories explain why the learning disability, dyslexia, can be a real gift and how dyslexics can learn to succeed in the world of words.


In this computer-animated presentation, you will experience:

  • The visual-spatial world of dyslexic perception and thought.
  • Why dyslexia is truly a gift.
  • How the Davis methods work.
  • How dyslexia can be corrected.

Featured are dyslexics, their parents and teachers, Ronald D. Davis, author of The Gift Of Dyslexia, certified Davis Facilitators and Specialists, Vera F. Birkenbihl, author and German management trainer, Prof. Samy Molcho, mime, film director and author.


This video is an excellent introduction and complement to the „Gift Of Dyslexia“ published by Perigree Books in the US and Souvenir Press in the UK.


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